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Franklin / Grand Isle Community Quest Letterboxing

Swanton, Highgate, & Alburgh Libraries
Introduction to Letterboxing Workshops
  • Highgate: Saturday, July 7th 10AM Swanton: Wednesday, July 11th 6PM
Alburgh: Friday, July 6th 10AM

  • What is Letterboxing?
  • Letterboxing is a combination of designing and carving beautiful intricate stamps along with little scavenger hunts. Discover a fun new outdoor activity that combines treasure hunting, exploring local trails, and landmarks, and rubber stamping. Get out there and explore your community..........................
How to get started:
  • Attend Introduction to Letterboxing at the Swanton, Highgate of Alburgh Library to carve your personal stamp and learn all about Letterboxing. You will receive your stamp & ink pad, a compass, a logbook, and a waterproof envelope..................
How to find Letterboxes:
Clues will be available at the libraries. Follow the clues to find the boxes. When you find a box, open it and stamp the logbook with the stamp from the box. Close the box and hide it exactly where you found it................

End of Summer / Welcome Fall Celebration:

Saturday, September 22nd the libraries will collectively host a celebration of a successful Letterboxing Season at the Swanton Historical Society Depot Museum on South Rive Street in Swanton.
Pizza cooked in the NOFA Pizza Oven will be served with some ingredients from the Healthy Roots Program.


  • Monday 1-6
  • Tuesday 9-5
  • Wednesday 1-6
  • Thursday 1-6
  • Friday 1-6
  • Saturday 10-1


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